It is good to send your boy off full of expectations, but a hundred times better to get him back when he says he has had the best week of his life, writes a mother.

Fagerhøy is one of the most frequented and best equipped camp schools in this country. Since 1969 we have received eager and excited pupils. Our goal has always  been that teachers and pupils should feel at home at Fagerhøy and that they leave us full of new experiences in combination with new knowledge and skills. To reach these goals we are in continuous development and seek high standards in all fields. Our food is widely appreciated, and we offer alternative menus for those with cultural and religious preferences.


At Fagerhøy there is an abundance of wonderful mountain nature where new skills can be acquired. The pupils learn to cope in nature and to take care of each other. We at Fagerhøy enjoy the fact that we can hand over valuable experience and knowledge that will help form future generations.