Fagerhøy owns its name to famous Norwegian writer Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson. He loved his stays at this fair (which is ’fager’ in Norwegian) place high up in the mountains. Fagerhøy lies in the crossroads between Gålå, Skeikampen and Kvitfjell. 

The place is well suited for an active holiday and training rallies. We have most of the equipment you need: cross country skis, carving skis, mountain bikse and canoes. Fagerhøy is also ideally suited for having a a party. Anniversaries, weddings or other occasions. Many people have good memories from parties in the renowned grand room with roots back to 1882. If all you want is a few days of relaxation and some days on your own, Fagerhøy makes it easy for you to find your inner peace.

Fagerhøy offers good mountain lodge standards. All rooms have their own toilet and shower, and the common rooms offer views you have never seen before. If you choose one of our apartments, the big cabins ’The Villa’ and ’The Mellomstugu’ (The ’Middle Cabin’) you may be self-catering, which is also an option in the main building. 


Welcome to good days at Fagerhøy.